Mediation skills workshop for kindergarten

Training for staff and parents

Mediation skills help reduce conflicts & violance in kindergarten

"DIMYON - mediation skills" is a unique and innovative methodology of teaching mediation skills and making them suitable for children at the age 4 - 7. The program introduces children to the impact of mediation skills on the conflicts of everyday life, through puppet shows. The mediation skills join the puppet theater as figures who generate a positive turn in the story.  In that way children meet abstract terms, such as a broad vision, true listening and creating a dialogue, in a simple and visual way.


"The activity has given birth to kindergarten language of constructive communication and enriching the language of reflection, empathy, conflict resolution through space and respect for others .... conversations with the teachers has shown the fact that "DIMYON-mediation skills" helped reduce violence in the kindergarten."  Gabai Shiri - Director of Community, daycare and early childhood courses. Ramat Hasharon .  April 2014. 


"The program will contribute to children developing pro-social behavior and reduce violence among children in educational settings. Moreover, children learn to use a model effective and efficient communication that will serve them later." Nirith Gibnt - an educational consultant specializing in early childhood from "citron Institute". April 2012 .


Many mediators say that some kind of magic is happening in the mediation process. Something happens that makes two people quarrel, angry and sometimes painful, relax and discuss the issues which are disputed in an honest, respectful and open manner. In the kindergarten one can also feel this magic, as the children are rapt to a puppet show performing conflicts between children and their WIN-WIN resolution.


The program was developed by Taly Nitzan-Halevi – a Mediator and a Bachler in Business Economics. The program development was accompanied by Mrs. Ety Caspy - teacher with a bachelor's degree in psychology and 37 years of experience in kindergartens of all ages.

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