How did it all start?

"DIMYON" methodology was developed based on observations of preschoolers (ages 4-7) during free play and with professional support of an experienced teacher. During the observations I have examined the question of whether the mediation method, based on identification of needs and changing characteristics of interpersonal dialogue, could be relevant to the type of conflicts that characterize these ages.


Analysis of observations using the mediation tools showed that the transition from positions based communication to interests based communication, which is the essence of the mediation process, was very relevant in the conflicts observed and can play a "key factor" to positive communication.


At the heart of "DIMYON" methodology stands the powerful imagination of children these ages. "DIMYON" represents mediation skills as characters in order to reach the children imagination world and let each of them create his own unique interpretation of those skills. Each character is accompanied by musical instruments which help build associative links that evoke the memory of everything the children learned in relation of this character.


Adults, parents and educators, play an important role in implementing mediation skills in everyday life. The educational team is trained ahead and participates in all class meetings. Parents are also trained and equipped with useful tools that can be modeled by them when spending time with their children.

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